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Gaby's House

Gaby's House is dedicated to fulfilling Gabriela Garay's mission to serve the community's forgotten. Gaby's House is currently aiding in various projects serving those in need of support and assistance. In spreading the gospel and light of Jesus Christ, members of Gaby's House help create a world where poverty is reduced and communities become sustainable and independent. With global outreach in mind, we are committed to showing and sharing Gaby's love! 

Support Gaby's House

Gabriela Garay was a beloved daughter, sister, friend and artist who envisioned helping and supporting the impoverished in Jamaica. Suffering from a rare medical condition called Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), she passed away on September 5, 2017. In remembrance of her light and abundant love Gabriela's family is dedicated to honoring her legacy. As a strong believer in Jesus Christ she led both friends and family to the Gospel. 

It was Gaby's vision to travel to Jamaica Summer 2018 to assist Mustard Seed Community in various outreach programs. She had extensive plans to direct and build a community center during her stay. In following her legacy the St. Andrew Apostle Church Parrish of Silver Spring, MD will continue plans to build a community center and dedicate the building name as "Gaby's House". 

Please assist us as we make a difference in the world and honor Gabriela Garay. As she was able to spread her light and love for Jesus Christ to her community we must spread her love across borders. 


To learn more about Gaby's House send us an email.

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